Greatness isn't given. It's developed.

Take the next steps toward your greatness.

Champions maximize their performance because they are able to tap into the rich potential available to them when they need it most - something many of us struggle to do because a conflict within ourselves or our organization gets in the way - it interferes with us tapping into all the resources available to us. 

Championship Dynamics helps high achievers move past that interference and tap into all of their potential. Principal consultant Dr. Tomi Bryan uses systems thinking to reveal hard to see truths and hidden solutions. This method allows Dr. Bryan to work with organizational leaders, teams, and individuals to solve complex problems, realign derailed projects, and build strategies that lead to success. Our understanding of how to build winning ways allows for leaders and teams alike to become champions in their respective fields and achieve their goals.

Clients trust Dr. Bryan to solve their most perplexing and compelling challenges. Find out how Championship Dynamics helps high achievers find their next gear: 

See our system in action! Download the research paper by Dr. Bryan:  Modernizing the Hero's Journey: Maximizing Leadership Presence (a model for closing the growing leadership skills gap).

Dr. Bryan is a regular speaker for National Associations and Fortune 500/Forbes Global 2000 Company events. She has appeared on The Dr. Pat ShowThe Lauren Mackler Radio Show, and been featured as a luminary on

Her books include What's Your Superpower? (order your copy here) under the pen name of Tomi Llama and The 5 Keys To The Great Life