Performance = Potential - Interference

Dr. Bryan offers high performers a powerful method for reaching new personal heights. The Championship Dynamics process is rooted in the formula of Performance equals Potential minus Interference (credit to Timothy Gallwey). Everyone holds within themselves amazing potential, but sometimes our own interference prevents us from turning that mighty potential into mighty performance. Championship Dynamics utilizes a system that quiets the mind, reveals opportunities for personal growth, and empowers future success. The stages of this system fall into three main categories:

Know Yourself

Clear The Clutter

Grow Yourself

Dr. Bryan writes about this system in her most recent book: What's Your Superpower?  The book is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles under the pen name Tomi Llama.

Tomi Bryan brings intellectual prowess and incisive insights to her clients. Her remarkable multi-discipline training as an attorney, systems thinker PhD, certified compliance officer, board certified executive coach, and life wisdom teacher come together to achieve championship results. Add in a good sense of humor and her ability to cut to the core of most situations and you get winning dynamics.
— Charles E., President of a Global Consulting Firm