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A widely accepted definition of leadership comes from Robert House, one of the foremost experts on leadership across cultures: “Leadership is the ability to influencemotivate, and enable others to contribute to the success of an organization”. However, this definition excludes our ability to influence, motivate and enable in places outside of work, like in familial relationships. I advocate that Mr. House’s definition be updated to “Leadership is the ability to influencemotivate, and enable in a manner that contributes to the success of self and others”.  At Championship Dynamics our definition of leadership is more about being an effective human being in all dimensions of our lives, not just in the workplace. 

In fact, the path to effective leadership is a journey of self-discovery. Maslow called it self-actualization. President Abe Lincoln called it evoking the better angels of our nature. The Wilson brothers called it playing to win. Parker Palmer called it the undivided life. Regardless of the name, the journey is still the same. It is a path of discovering, claiming, reclaiming and owning all that you are and all that you are not. It is about getting out of our own way and letting the authentic you step up and shine brightly in the world. It is about you being the champion of your own life.