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Quitting Is At An All Time High

The number of workers quitting their jobs hit an all-time high based on an Associated Press article that appeared in The Greensboro News & Record on September 12, 2018. The number one reason for quitting is well-documented: People don’t like their bosses.

Here is the research to back that up:

·       “A Gallup poll of more 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the No. 1 reason people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor.” Retrieved from

·       “The No. 1 reason people leave their jobs is because of their manager.” Retrieved from

Quitting is a symptom of a deeper problem that Corporate America continues to ignore: Many bosses aren’t good bosses. That doesn’t mean these bad bosses aren’t good people. It just means they don’t have the appropriate skill set for leading others. It is a growing challenge because many bosses are downright bad at leading others. Until we address the challenge of the growing leadership gap, quitting will remain at unprecedented numbers.

I don’t like to be part of the problem. I like to be part of the solution and that means offering ways to improve leadership skills. The fastest path to improved leadership is through massive doses of feedback. That can look like a 360 assessment with coaching. That can look like attending a leadership development program. What it doesn’t look like is letting a bad boss keep being a bad boss.

Until we meet again, busy seeing the Champion in you.

Dr. Tomi Bryan