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Success Has A Formula:

Performance = Potential - Interference

Championship Dynamics uses this formula to help our clients reach new levels of performance and success. Each person, each team, and each organization holds amazing potential for success. The key to translating that mighty potential into outstanding performance is to break through any interference that might keep you from getting there.

The tools and methodologies Championship Dynamics uses to help reduce interference and to maximize performance are Systems Thinking, state of the art assessments designed to reveal areas of interference, and success mapping.

Systems Thinking

All organizations, teams, and individuals exist within systems. The key to reducing interference is to understand where in the system the interference originates and then to say hello to it, welcome it, and learn from it. 

Within every system there are leverage points and structural conflicts. Leverage points act as gas pedals in the system, allowing those who see them and use them to speed to new levels of performance when taken advantage of. Structural conflicts act as brake pedals, slowing progress down, sometimes to a grinding halt. Championship Dynamics works with clients to identify and resolve the structural conflicts that interfere with their maximum success and to amplify the leverage points.


We are all busy people. That is why our principal leadership consultant Dr. Bryan has searched the globe looking for meaningful assessments that cut the time required to reach new levels of performance significantly. The three she likes to use are The Leadership Circle ProfileThe Team Assessment from The Table Group, and an Emotional Quotient (EQ) assessment.

Success Mapping

Success mapping is a unique system dynamics tool that reveals hidden patterns and unseen connections that allow for faster change and championship results. Success mapping enables clients to see a challenge differently, giving them the perspective to find unique leverage points, discover hidden solutions, and acknowledge possible barriers to success. 


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Success Formula Credit to Tim Gallwey in the Inner Game of Tennis