The System Of Success Has A Formula:

Performance = Potential - Interference

The Championship Dynamics System takes this formula and uses it to provide high achievers (organizations, teams, and individuals) a powerful method for reaching new levels of performance and success. Each person, each team, and each organization holds an amazing potential for success, and often times our own interference prevents us from turning mighty potential into mighty performance. Championship Dynamics helps reduce interference using systems thinking.

Systems Thinking

All organizations, teams, and individuals exist within systems. The key to reducing interference is to understand where in the system the interference originates and then to say hello to it, welcome it, and learn from it. 

Within every system there are leverage points and structural conflicts. Leverage points act as gas pedals in the system, allowing individuals, teams, and organizations to speed to new levels of performance when taken advantage of. Structural conflicts act as brake pedals, slamming progress to a halt. Championship Dynamics works with individuals and organizations to identify and resolve the structural conflicts that interfere with their maximum success.

Our Services

We start any engagement with a potential client with a consultation to understand you or your organization's challenges, desires, and goals. We want to make sure the services we provide directly contribute to your success.

Our consulting services include facilitation, system analysis, mapping, team dynamics, coaching, and keynote/program speaker. Mapping is a unique winning way that reveals hidden patterns and unseen connections that allow for faster change and championship results. 

Success Formula Credit to Tim Gallwey in the Inner Game of Tennis

Tomi Bryan brings intellectual prowess and incisive insights to her clients. Her remarkable multi-discipline training as an attorney, systems thinker PhD, certified compliance officer, board certified executive coach, and life wisdom teacher come together to achieve championship results. Add in a good sense of humor and her ability to cut to the core of most situations and you get winning dynamics.
— Charles E., President of a Global Consulting Firm